Temp Cover

The problem

You might think that it’s difficult to hire Welsh Speakers because you don’t speak Welsh yourself, because you don’t know anyone who speaks Welsh or because there are no Welsh speakers that you know of in your professions.

You might be concerned about what happens when the Welsh speakers you have employed are absent for an extended period e.g. Secondment, Maternity, Holiday.

You might need Welsh speakers who are specialists to work on projects, or to flex the work force for short periods of time, or need to fill a position immediately.

Perhaps your recruitment team, HR department or line managers don’t speak Welsh.

Perhaps you have used other agencies and have been disappointed.

The solution

Swyddle offers temporary staffing solutions to organisations who wish to develop, enhance or ensure the continuity of their bilingual capacity.  Swyddle is rooted in the Welsh speaking community and has a track record of success, working nationally for the public, private and third sector.

Swyddle can provide Welsh Speakers for operational roles (data entry, receptionists, call centre, etc), roles that help you communicate (translation, community engagement, marketing, sales) and roles ensure that your business meets the right standards (HR, Policy Officers, casework, bid/tender).

Why Swyddle?

Because Swyddle is rooted in the Welsh speaking community and because all members of our team speak Welsh fluently, we provide the peace of mind that candidates introduced by Swyddle are both qualified and able to speak Welsh to the required standard.

Swyddle’s staff are referenced and have a DBS. This, coupled with our 24hr on- call service gives you certainty that staff will be available to start work as soon as needed.

Swyddle will make your recruitment process efficient by ensuring that you get the right individual first time.

Swyddle does not charge a release fee. If at any time you would like to employ the individual directly, please contact us.

All of this provides great value for money for your Welsh language temporary recruitment needs.

Swyddle is also committed to paying the Living Wage to all our Temporary Workers.

Get in touch…

If you’d like to know more and discuss our rates please call us on 029 2030 2812 or email post@swyddle.cymru